Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does it LOOK like we're open???

I worked a late shift today. My pharmacy closes at 9pm. We shut down 2 of our 3 registers between 8:30 and 9, and all but 1 or 2 of our 7 computers around the same time. We close promptly at 9.
Tonight, after closing, I was helping my cashier straighten out some shelves in our OTC area for a few minutes. About 9:10pm, a lady and her 2 kids come dashing around the corner, and when faced with closed gates, turned to us and said "Is the pharmacy closed?"
Hello? What do you think? When I was kind enough to talk to her a few minutes, she said "But is only, like, four minutes after nine." No, it's 10 after, and the sign doesn't say the pharmacy closes at 9:12pm, it says it closes at 9pm.
No, I didn't say it out loud, though I wanted to... And, I was kind enough to go back into the pharmacy and get her kids prescription to give back to her so she could go to a 24-hr place (our stock of the drug just expired, so it wasn't filled yet)
Come ON people! PLAN ahead! Get to us on time, and we'll help you. Come late, and you have a 50/50 chance that I'll be a bitch instead of nice!


TGCougar86 said...

She was lucky you were there! Yesterday morning we had one of those "Can I just stick it under the window here?"

KC in Fla said...

We've had people insist on leaving RX's with management when we've been closed ( mostly before we open, but sometimes after for the next day)
That's usually not a problem- EXCEPT when the item they need is out-of-stock. Then they have the gaul to yell and wail about their misfortune. And all I can say is "If you had turned this in while we were open......."

Pharmacy Chick said...

Pharmacy chick has an evil twin who comes out at 1 second after closing time. Do not, repeat DO NOT ask her to re open the pharmacy...after 12 hours she treats the pharmacy like its radioactive waste, or a ticking bomb..someting to avoid.

DaveG said...

I know where you're coming from, but I still feel a tremendous gratitude to the rPh or Tech that filled an Rx for us after closing when we were visiting an out-of-state city and my wife became ill enough to send us to urgent care.

I certainly see the difference between that and a routine pick-up, though.

Peter said...

You were not being nice. You were being slightly obliging, sure, but not NICE. Asking if you're open is not stupid. She was somewhat hopeful you would still be open. Asking a one-sentence question is not enough to judge whether or not someone's stupid.

THE TRUTH ABOUT... said...

except in this case you couldn't have helped her anyway, since your stock of the drug just expired. Did anyone call her EARLIER to let her know that?
how nice of you to give her her prescription back since youcoudn;t fill it! hahahaha....