Friday, January 16, 2009


I could probably write a story every single day about some patient bitching about their copays. It's too much, it's not the same as last time, it should be zero, whatever - I hear it every day. But, today, I heard a new one.
A gal comes in to pick up her Topamax. She's on a dosing regimen that requires combining two different strengths. Sixty tablets of 100mg, and 180 tablets of 50mg. Each prescription had a $25 copay. She insisted that the 50mg tablets should only be half the copay of the 100mg tablets... Get real lady, the 50mg tablets have a cash price of nearly $1000, and you're griping about a $25 copay?
When are people going to realize that pharmacists don't set the amounts of the copays and quit bitching at us???? It's getting old...


mensch said...

Ever since my $18 co-pay prevented me from paying over $200 for a Prev-Pak, I have been delighted with prescription coverage.

The Ole' Apothecary

Michelle said...

Tell them to be happy they're not paying a percentage of the co-pay. 20% doesn't sound bad until you have a $2000 Rx.
(I thank God every day I don't work in a community pharmacy anymore - although I DO miss the fun stories!)

NY pharmacy intern said...

I had a woman complain for while about paying 3 dollars for a drug that was a cash price of like $200. Of course said same idiot was pissed because she had a total copay of like 7 dollars for probaly close to $1000 worth of meds. She kept insisting we bill her medicare copays and medicaid so she would have no copay or could be waived. But now medicaid in my state won't pick up medicare covered scripts. Stupid idiot argued with me for about 20 minutes on how I should just bill to medicaid anyways, waive the copays, and basically commit insurance fraud. All while I'm trying to explain this, she is yelling over the top of me claiming it's not fraud and the other chains she goes to will do it for her.

Of course she then wants the scripts back so we have to return the drugs back and reverse the claim, give her the scripts and send her on her way. The stupid idiot then asks about 5 minutes later if she just take them (not paying for them) and doesn't seem to get that we would need to reprocess the scripts again as they were deleted from the computer. She then proceeded to throw a hissy fit, bitch out the pharmacy manager who was the only pharmacist on shift, bitch out the store manager after he told her it was the pharmacy manager who handled the pharmacy operations not him. Finally she just left threating to call the corporate number and the board of pharmacy as we were "bad people" and had such "poor customer service". Last I heard the board cleared us and corporate didn't care as they don't need medicaid/medicare fraud.