Monday, December 29, 2008

End of the year advice

Well, a new year is rapidly approaching, and I'm hoping and praying for fewer stupid people in my life. I know that won't happen without a little education, so here's some free advice to anyone using the services of a pharmacy...

1) Come prepared. Bring your insurance card and your identification, as well as a way to pay for your portion of the prescription cost. Don't assume we already have your insurance info - ESPECIALLY if you've never been to our pharmacy before! Don't assume that, just because you have insurance, your prescription will be free.
2) Be patient. Filling a prescription takes time, if you want it done right. Also, you are not the only person in the world - you may have to wait behind 20 other sick people.
3) Don't argue with the pharmacy staff. If you hear something you don't like, we can try to explain it to you, but don't argue when we do. We don't lie to you just because we like being called bitches. The cash price IS $122, your insurance considers it non-preferred, and your copay IS $75. All fact, arguing won't change it.
4) New moms, give your kids normal names. And if you refuse to do that, don't give me the evil eye when I can't pronounce it or have to ask if it's a boy or girl. (Saw a kid named 'Furious' the other day - wonder how mom's labor went? I'm thinkin' not so good...)
5) Don't wait until the last minute - for ANYTHING. Refill? Call us a day or two in advance. No refills left? It's on your label - pay attention! We can fax your doctor, but give us a week, in case the doctor's a slow poke. If you saw the doctor and got a new prescription, don't come rushing in 5 minutes before we close and call it an emergency. If it's from your regular doctor, I know his office closed 4 hours ago - you had time... PLAN AHEAD for vacations or holidays! I don't care if you miss your flight because you waited to request refills.
6) Put down your damn phone. If you can't pay attention and answer the questions my tech asks you when you drop off a prescription (are you allergic to anything?), then when you die from a problem related to the unanswered questions, don't come crying to me.
And the most important thing to remember when going to the pharmacy...
THE PHARMACIST AND TECH ARE PEOPLE - TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT. Cussing at me will get you kicked out of my pharmacy. Cussing at my techs or cashiers will get you the same. Yelling and screaming at us will NOT speed up our filling process. As a matter of fact, it just slows everything down while we try to calm you down.

Have a Happy and Smart New Year!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Didn't take long...

Well, I'm back to work. Only 6 hours a day (doctor's order), but I'm happy to be off my backside and doing something.
I've been back a week now, and I've already encountered some stupidity...
Yesterday, I must have spent a total of two hours convincing a lady that we didn't take any money from her flexible spending account. We billed her insurance. That's it. I talked to her insurance company, and they didn't take her money either. But she kept saying "My insurance paid you $42, and I paid you $27, and you took $42 from my FSA, so you have to give me my money back!" The drug was $42, the insurance didn't pay anything on it, she had a $15 coupon, so her out of pocket expense was $27. I kept asking her if she was looking at her explanation of benefits or her FSA statement, she kept saying both. Only after 2 hours and multiple phone calls did I finally convince her to call her FSA and figure it out. I stayed amazingly calm. She asked my last name, and after I told her, she kept using my full name ("Well, Jane Doe, I paid $27) - it was so annoying.
But it still feels good to be back at work...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dumbest driver ever

I know, it's not related to pharmacy, but some stupid people jump out at me and I just have to say something.
I was cruising down the freeway earlier today when I experienced something I rarely ever do - car envy. Men may experience this regularly, but for us women, it's not often we see a car and say to ourselves "I REALLY want that car!"
This car was amazing - A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, midnight blue. It was right in front of me, so I moved over and pulled along side to get a better look. I didn't want to appear to be gawking, so I slowed a little to fall behind.
That's when I saw her - the stupidest driver ever... She was in a beat up old Dodge Neon, talking on her cell phone (illegal in this state, BTW), going about 60mph in the pouring rain, TAILGATING the Ferrari. I'm not talking about following a little too close - she was no further than 10 or 12 feet from the back of that gorgeous piece of machinery.
I've been known to occasionally tailgate, usually not intentionally, but this was ridiculous. Even if half my brain was removed I wouldn't ride the ass of a car that costs as much as a house! The MSRP of the Ferrari is over $315,000 (had to look that one up) - somehow I doubt miss chatty Cathy in the Neon had insurance good enough to cover it if she rear-ended the beauty in front of her.
With people like her on the road, I know I would never buy a car like that even if I could afford it...