Monday, December 29, 2008

End of the year advice

Well, a new year is rapidly approaching, and I'm hoping and praying for fewer stupid people in my life. I know that won't happen without a little education, so here's some free advice to anyone using the services of a pharmacy...

1) Come prepared. Bring your insurance card and your identification, as well as a way to pay for your portion of the prescription cost. Don't assume we already have your insurance info - ESPECIALLY if you've never been to our pharmacy before! Don't assume that, just because you have insurance, your prescription will be free.
2) Be patient. Filling a prescription takes time, if you want it done right. Also, you are not the only person in the world - you may have to wait behind 20 other sick people.
3) Don't argue with the pharmacy staff. If you hear something you don't like, we can try to explain it to you, but don't argue when we do. We don't lie to you just because we like being called bitches. The cash price IS $122, your insurance considers it non-preferred, and your copay IS $75. All fact, arguing won't change it.
4) New moms, give your kids normal names. And if you refuse to do that, don't give me the evil eye when I can't pronounce it or have to ask if it's a boy or girl. (Saw a kid named 'Furious' the other day - wonder how mom's labor went? I'm thinkin' not so good...)
5) Don't wait until the last minute - for ANYTHING. Refill? Call us a day or two in advance. No refills left? It's on your label - pay attention! We can fax your doctor, but give us a week, in case the doctor's a slow poke. If you saw the doctor and got a new prescription, don't come rushing in 5 minutes before we close and call it an emergency. If it's from your regular doctor, I know his office closed 4 hours ago - you had time... PLAN AHEAD for vacations or holidays! I don't care if you miss your flight because you waited to request refills.
6) Put down your damn phone. If you can't pay attention and answer the questions my tech asks you when you drop off a prescription (are you allergic to anything?), then when you die from a problem related to the unanswered questions, don't come crying to me.
And the most important thing to remember when going to the pharmacy...
THE PHARMACIST AND TECH ARE PEOPLE - TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT. Cussing at me will get you kicked out of my pharmacy. Cussing at my techs or cashiers will get you the same. Yelling and screaming at us will NOT speed up our filling process. As a matter of fact, it just slows everything down while we try to calm you down.

Have a Happy and Smart New Year!!!


MrHunnybun said...

Great post. Stupid names make me happy. Happy in the sense that they cheer up my day. But I always feel for the kid with a phonetically spelt, trendy (in 2008, not so much in 20 years) name.

Phones are a pain too. I still cannot believe people will talk on thier phone when I'm serving them AND NOT THINK THEY ARE BEING RUDE.

I solved that though, I bought a jammer :)

Wunderwoman said...

Good advice. Love reading your blog. Oh, and women do have car envy, myself especially, would love love love having a cute little sports car, just saying.

mensch said...

It's hard to tell people what to name their children, but I sure would like to. Naming human beings is not like naming pets. The pets won't care, but the people will. Worst of all is taking a familiar name and deliberately attempting to make its spelling unique, like "Alisyn" on Fox News. Why curse your child with having to "correct" the spelling of his/her name, or to say, for the rest of his/her life, "Well, I'm used to them misspelling it; I just keep giving up?"

NY pharmacy intern said...

I hate people on their phones or eating while I'm trying to cash them out or counsel them. The strange names and/or strange spellings is always a PIA to me when trying to find a patient in the computer. We have one patient who's first name is Brita and another with Princess as a first name. Some strange names I can chalk up to an old family name, some are just poor spelling or trying to be "different" but making your kid suffer through life. One or two of them that come into our pharmacy now are late teens/early 20's and usually have everyone refer to them by nicknames or their sensible middle names.

Peter said...

Have a HAPPY year. Intelligence (or, more accurately, intelligence this blogger can judge from a 30-second or shorter conversation), is not the sole judge of a person's worth.