Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dumbest driver ever

I know, it's not related to pharmacy, but some stupid people jump out at me and I just have to say something.
I was cruising down the freeway earlier today when I experienced something I rarely ever do - car envy. Men may experience this regularly, but for us women, it's not often we see a car and say to ourselves "I REALLY want that car!"
This car was amazing - A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, midnight blue. It was right in front of me, so I moved over and pulled along side to get a better look. I didn't want to appear to be gawking, so I slowed a little to fall behind.
That's when I saw her - the stupidest driver ever... She was in a beat up old Dodge Neon, talking on her cell phone (illegal in this state, BTW), going about 60mph in the pouring rain, TAILGATING the Ferrari. I'm not talking about following a little too close - she was no further than 10 or 12 feet from the back of that gorgeous piece of machinery.
I've been known to occasionally tailgate, usually not intentionally, but this was ridiculous. Even if half my brain was removed I wouldn't ride the ass of a car that costs as much as a house! The MSRP of the Ferrari is over $315,000 (had to look that one up) - somehow I doubt miss chatty Cathy in the Neon had insurance good enough to cover it if she rear-ended the beauty in front of her.
With people like her on the road, I know I would never buy a car like that even if I could afford it...

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