Friday, July 11, 2008

Drive through pharmacy

So - who's the moron that decided a drive through in a pharmacy was a good idea? Come on, stand up and show yourself - I'd like to throw something at you!
Seriously - drive-throughs are for fast food joints, and having one at a pharmacy invites the people who think things should happen immediately to come to my store.
No, you can't just sit and wait for your script to be filled while you're in the drive through. It's for dropping it off or picking it up - but not all in the same transaction.
No, the drive through doesn't have different hours than the pharmacy - you can't come to the drive through before we open and expect to be helped (we're not a friggin' Jack in the Box!)
No, I'm not your personal shopper. If you want something other than a prescription, you'll have to get your lazy butt out of the car and come in.
No, a box of a hundred syringes won't fit in the drive through tube system. Neither will the 25 scripts you're picking up at once - and I'm not standing here all day to send the tube back and forth with 3 or 4 things each time.
No, you can't expect a heck of a lot of privacy in the drive through. Everything I say to you comes out of that very loud speaker there, so anyone in the next lane, or even just walking by might hear me tell you how to take your Viagra. If you don't want anyone to know what you're getting, then come in the store.
Oh - by the way - I'd also like to throw something at the architect who decided that the drive through station in the pharmacy should be way at the opposite end of the pharmacy from where the majority of work gets done. Could you please stand up, too?


TPM said...

I work as an intern in a pharmacy with a drive-thru. If we sell 3 incorrect prescriptions we can get fired. It is impossible to understand what some of these people are saying (especially when they are sitting in the backseat, smoking a cigarette and eating a double cheeseburger.) They get mad at you because they have to repeat their name and have to spell it for us and then procede to yell at us because they can't understand what we are saying. I think this is promoting prescription errors and violating HIPPA. Just because there is a piece of glass between the customer and you doesn't mean they have the right to verbally abuse you and act like a total ass. The drive-thru is a total waste of time-it's faster to come inside and pick up your prescrition. I especially love the people that come through the drive-thru to straighten out insurance issues because we have the magical ability to make everything ok with the twinkle of our nose. They are usually on their cell phone and it's hard to keep their attention long enough to even get their name. One lady had the nerve to call us rude for interupting her cell phone conversation to find out what her name was; all the while there are 5 cars behind her and she isn't going to move. For one day I wish these people could be in my position and work 8 hours with people belittling you and calling you a stupid idiot because they forgot to pay their insurance premiums or renew their insurance with their social worker and their coverage was terminated. Yeah that's right peel out and make yourself look even dumber...

The Intern said...

If I had 3 wishes...

The first would be for every state in the nation to make drive throughs in pharmacies illegal. Immediately illegal. Like brick up all the drive throughs. what would be a second wish???

kyree said...

Why do the deaf old (and often senile) people insist on coming to the drive-thru? Heaven help us if there's a problem -- they can't hear us, no matter how hard we yell. (And for some reason, they never think to TURN OFF THEIR DAMNED CARS, either.)

Kate said...

I've learned to just go in. I have lots of new prescriptions on a regular basis and I need to know how to take them. The ONE time I went through the drive through, I was so horrified by the questions I had to ask through the speaker, that I vowed to never do it again. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

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tisanjosh said...

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Bevy said...

Walgreens pharm here in Santa Barbara, ca: RUN DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS SHADY PHARM. The stupid people in this story are the morons that man the drive through pharm. I only drop off and pick up, but EVERY F***ing month they screw it up. Twice I've been shorted! Every month there is some new f*** up on their part. I bring them the empties to be refilled and they ALWAYS make some error. They even gave me someone else's meds!