Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diet pills on L & I ????

Yesterday, a lady comes to the window demanding that I re-bill a script to L & I. She had paid cash for it. I look at the profile and see that it's for Xenical (a diet pill). I KNOW that L & I won't cover it (what do you do for a living? Candy taster?) so I tell her I can't do that, because L & I doesn't cover diet pills. "How do you know that if you don't try it?" "Because I do." "Try it anyway" I tell her no - it costs me money to electronically submit a claim - I'm not going to do it if I know DAMN WELL that it won't be covered!
Needless to say, she walked away mad...


wsucoug_cutie said...

Maybe she hurt her back at work during one of her breaks bending over in front of the vending machine to get her candy bar. Now she can't walk and it's making her fat?

Oh wait, you said she 'walked' away.... :o)

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Oh well, you can't make everyone happy!