Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can you READ?

It's astonishing how many people can't figure out which part of the pharmacy to go to for which purpose. For one, there are signs - "Drop Off", "Pick Up", "Consultation". Yes, consultation is a big word, but drop off and pick up are pretty much 1st grade reading. But, the most obvious indication, even for those who are completely illiterate is the cash register. Ummmm, if you haven't even given us the paper to fill the script yet, why would you go to the cash register? Better yet, why would you get all pissy and act so inconvenienced when the cashier directs you to the drop off window???


albert109 said...

This happens incredibly often. I've seen every rediculous combination: patients asking questions at drop-off, dropping off at consultation or register, wanting to pick up at drop off, etc. I try to be as subtle as I can (while still sort of being a dick about it); I look at (and make reference to) the sign above them and say "This is the --insert incorrect window--; you need to go to --insert correct window--" while pointing to the right place. Some people wait in line for quite a long time only to get to the front, show me a hard copy and for me to point them in the right (and obvious) direction. You're right - they can get pretty peeved about this

Jaymz said...

I think it's best when they show up at the drop off window trying to pay for something. Where the heck do you expect me to ring this up at? Do you see any cash registers?

Or when you tell them, "They will help you at the pick up window. It's the last window down" and they move over one window. First of all, the sign still doesn't say "pick up" and you've still got a window to go.

I will admit that it can be kind of confusing, especially since you can't really see all three windows at the same time at my pharmacy, plus the drop off window is closed if there are less than 3 people working. The newer design for the company I work for has redesigned the pharmacy to make it easier for the patient, I think. There's a barrier for them to stand behind, until it's their turn and then one window for pick up/drop off, plus a consultation window.

RPh2005 said...

I don't think it will EVER matter what we do to direct traffic...they are all sheep...sheep can't read... I say we just shear them, tick-dip them, slap them on the ass and send them on their way.