Friday, May 16, 2008


'Nuff said. No? You want more? OK.
There's this law that prohibits distribution of controlled substances to minors. Meaning, if you're not over 18, even if the prescription is for you, I can't give you a controlled substance. I am the one who gets punished if I do - something like $10,000 and up to 5 years in jail.
So, there's this young lady (and I use the term lady loosely) who comes in with scripts for some pain reliever (I want to say Vicodin since it's so popular, but it could have been something else), and she's only 16 years old. I tell her we'll fill it, but an adult will have to pick it up for her. She says she is an adult. No, I mean someone over 18. She storms away.
Maybe half an hour later, she shows up (with some pimply-faced punk tagging along) and wants to pick up her drugs. I remind her that an adult has to pick it up. "Why?" "Because it's state law" "That's bullshit - I don't believe you." So, I take the time to go online, print out the page from the pharmacy law book that contains the law, and show it to her. It uses the term "minor".... "I'm not a minor" "Yes, you are - you're not 18 yet" "I'm not a minor, though" I think a bit and say "Well, if you're an emancipated minor, bring me a copy of your legal papers so I can document it, and I'll give you your script" "But the stuff is for ME!" "I realize that - but I get in trouble if I give it to you because you're not 18. I don't know you, and even if I did, I don't like you enough to go to jail for you." And this is where it gets good.... "But I AM an adult because I have a baby!"
I could have said so much - but exercised remarkably good self control - things like... No, having a baby at 16 doesn't mean you're an adult, it just means you're easy....
Instead, I just shook my head, looked at her punk boyfriend (I assumed he was the babydaddy...) and asked if he was 18. "Yes." I look back at teen mom and say "He can pick up the meds for you if he shows me ID - but you can't - having a baby is not in the legal definition of adult"
And the best part of this whole stupid teenager story??? She came back a week later for another script, and we went through the WHOLE THING AGAIN!


RPh2005 said...

Honey, you can't fix stupid. The sadness here is that she reproduced and our children will be paying to support her children's children.

RilianSharp said...

In texas, certain laws that apply to minors have exceptions for minors who have babies. But it's not anything to do with a pharmacy.